privacy policy

株式会社MAYUDAMA believes that the business can be achieved by mutual trust with customers. In order to provide customers with better products and services and increase corporate value, we believe that an appropriate security system based on the spirit of compliance with information assets is necessary.

The Company positions information security at the center of risk management, as well as establishing a system for that purpose, and establishes a corporate structure that does not allow information leakage, loss or damage in daily operations. I want to do it. We have established the "Information Security Policy", and we will be the action guideline of all employees including the management to handle information assets properly.

(1) Definition of information security Information security is defined as maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.

(2) Scope of application It covers information related to all business activities under our control.

(3) Appointment and duty of manager The Company shall appoint a Chief Information Protection Officer. In addition, an information manager should be set up in each department to protect information from unauthorized exposure, tampering and service interruption.

(4) Security measures We shall take optimal information security measures according to the information handled.

(5) Employee's duty All employees, including part-time employees, act in accordance with information security rules and codes of conduct. If it violates, disciplinary action will be taken according to the rules of employment.

(6) Identification of information and measures The information protection manager and the information manager identify corporate confidential information and privacy related information. Information security measures appropriate for the protection of the identified information shall be taken.

(7) Personal information protection When handling personal information, the company shall comply with the matters specified in the "Personal Information / Specific Personal Information Protection Regulations" and protect from appropriate use and information leakage.

(8) Confidential information management We shall manage customers and our confidential information in accordance with insider trading regulations and unfair competition prevention laws, etc.

(9) Copyright protection We shall manage the work in accordance with the copyright law.

(10) Promotion of information security The company's information security shall be promoted under the Chief Information Protection Officer. The department responsible for information security will be the Corporate Planning Department.

(11) Education With regard to information security, awareness and education activities shall be promoted under the supervision of information management and under the supervision of information protection officers.